Voice Lessons For Your Soul

Awaken your authentic voice with a playful and liberating approach to singing.

Voice lessons

Individual voice lessons meet you right where you are and support the natural emergence of your voice. Drawing on a rich foundation of somatic practices, vocal techniques, ancient melodies and improvisational tools, each session is designed just for you. Develop confidence and ease in singing, speaking and overall expression.

 SINGING Workshops

Have you ever experienced the pure joy of singing in a group? Have you always wanted to? Group singing workshops are an easy way to jump into singing while developing vocal technique and cultivating a greater sense of freedom with your voice. Experience the power of collective song and let your true voice ring out! 


Our bodies are made of vibration - and they respond to vibration. Sound healing sessions invite you to enter into a resonant field that awakens and supports your being’s innate movement toward self healing. Rest into a wash of ancient sounds, tones and melodies that support  greater balance, equanimity and remembrance. 

I think of Sophie not only as a vocal coach and but as a guide to discovering myself through the experience of singing. Working with Sophie has rekindled creativity I haven’t experienced since childhood.
— Brian Anderson
Sophie Cooper offers a fluid and deeply therapeutic approach to voice coaching. I began working with Sophie in an effort to heal and refine my voice after neglecting it for many years. Sophie sees clearly how to draw out my strengths and where I most need encouragement and support. I would recommend Sophie Cooper to anyone: beginners, seeking to explore the healing powers of the voice; or advanced singers looking to add a level of whole-body attunement to their existing vocal practice.
— Hava Glick-Landes
It’s way more than just a traditional singing lesson where you practice a repetitive scale again and again. She opens a safe space for me to explore my voice, trust myself and access my power.
— Ana Paula Jimenez
Sophie has brought me closer to my own voice. I have a clearer understanding of what it is to sing as an authentic expression using posture, breath, resonance and tone. Sophie is an extraordinarily compassionate person who nurtures and coaches with wisdom and joy.
— David Rosenfeld

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Banner Artwork by Paula Duró


Rewilding - The Album

Timeless melodies woven together with lush vocals, uplifting harmonies and artful acoustic arrangements. These songs are sure to soothe the soul and rouse the spirit.

Released in August 2016. Recorded by David Rosenfeld at Creativity is Vital Studios in Berkeley, California. Mastered by Ryan Kleeman at Overlap Studios in Oakland, California. Cover Art by Patricia Ariel.


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Artwork on this page by: Paula Duró // Photos on this page by: Jason Rosewell, Samuel Austin, Joshua W Bruner & Sophie Cooper