Sound Healing Sessions

Our bodies are made of vibration - and they respond to vibration. Sound healing sessions invite you to enter into a resonant field of vibration that awakens and supports your being’s innate movement toward self-healing. Rest into a wash of ancient sounds, tones and melodies that support greater balance, equanimity and remembrance. 

Benefits of sound Healing:

  • Regulates the nervous system

  • Releases stress and tension to invite a deeper experience of relaxation

  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain. 

  • Stimulates circulation, increasing the vital flow of energy (qi) in the body

  • Supports the recovery from illness, injury or traumatic experiences

  • Heightens awareness of both of the self and the environment

  • Gives rise to inherent clarity and balance

If you are interested and would like to know more about Sound Healing Sessions, let’s talk. Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation and speak directly with Sophie Cooper.

Sound Journey

Listen to this sound journey that brings you to the shores of a river, surrounded by the vitality of the natural world.

Suggested listeninG:

Make yourself as comfortable as possible in a lying down position, using pillows, blankets, etc. Take a few moments to rest into the support of the ground and release any existing tension. Bring your attention to your breath. Play the track “Ina Maka” while allowing space for anything that may arise. You may experience sensations, images, emotions, impulses or memories - or nothing at all. Allow and follow any response you experience while continuing to come back to your breath.

In the Lakota language INA means mother and MAKA means earth.

Photo on this page by: Joshua W Bruner at Flower & Frequency