Voice Lessons in Berkeley

Access the pure joy of singing and awaken the healing potential of your voice.


Voice lessons are designed to meet you right where you are and support the natural emergence of your voice through a safe, playful and liberating approach to singing. This is not about singing scales! Using a rich variety of vocal play, ancient sound techniques and somatic awareness practices, we explore the many possibilities of the voice while cultivating a sense of familiarity and ease with the voice as a sacred instrument. We learn from both ancient melodies and the art of improvisation how song can be used as medicine.

Sound is the universal language of vibration shared by all life. We humans have an exquisite instrument with which we can participate and harmonize with the song of creation: the voice. In many ways, returning to our voice is returning to our true nature. 

While we each carry this innate gift, it often remains locked away. Perhaps we have been silenced somewhere along our path. Or perhaps we’ve never felt full permission to explore the sublime and sometimes silly world of vocal freedom. For many of us, there is a journey to returning to the simple wisdom within that is our very own voice.

My goal is to share a powerful set of tools with you and empower you to access your authentic voice.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more, I’d love to talk with you.


Interested in Online Voice Lessons?

Many find that the ease and convenience of remote lessons work best with their lifestyle. Online sessions are extremely effective can be taken from anywhere in the world. To learn more, sign up for a consultation below.

Buffalo Drum and Peruvian Rattle
Sophie Cooper offers a fluid and deeply therapeutic approach to voice coaching. I began working with Sophie in an effort to heal and refine my voice after neglecting it for many years. Sophie sees clearly how to draw out my strengths and where I most need encouragement and support. I would recommend Sophie Cooper to anyone: beginners, seeking to explore the healing powers of the voice; or advanced singers looking to add a level of whole-body attunement to their existing vocal practice.
— Hava Glick-Landes
I never felt comfortable singing. That’s actually an understatement. I was scared to sing anywhere except for the car or shower where no one else could hear me. And yet I really wanted to feel free and confident singing. When I started searching for voice lessons in Berkeley, I knew that I was going to need something different. I wanted a voice coach that would help me work with my anxiety and help me to explore my voice not just walk me through a series of scales or traditional signing exercises. Sophie created a safe space for me to explore my voice with lots of support and no judgment. She guided me through signing exercises to open my voice, expand my range, learn songs, and find my natural tone. I feel so much more confident in my voice and excited about signing - just in time to sing to/with my first child.
— Adrian Klaphaak
When I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to sing publicly every week, and having almost no prior singing experience, a friend introduced me to Sophie at Voice Alchemy in Berkeley. And I’m very grateful, because the experience has been revealing and nourishing in ways I didn’t expect out of voice lessons. I think of Sophie not only as a vocal coach and but as a guide to discovering myself through the experience of singing. Working with Sophie has rekindled creativity I haven’t experienced since childhood.
— Brian Anderson
Before working with Sophie I knew there was a depth and dimension of my voice that I wasn’t able to access. Her sessions helped locate my voice in many parts of my body and open up the channel for the sound current to come through. There were so many pleasant surprises and opportunities for growth and exploration during our time together. Sophie’s guidance helped me have more presence with my voice, more confidence, and more curiosity of the range of what is possible.
— April McMurtry

Photos on this page by: Jason Rosewell & Darren Miller