Singing Workshops & Singing Circles in Berkeley


Have you ever experienced the pure joy of singing in a group? Have you always wanted to? Group singing workshops are an easy way to jump into singing while developing vocal technique and cultivating a greater sense of freedom with your voice. Experience the power of collective song and let your true voice ring out! 

When we bring our voices together we create a vibrant ceremony of sound. We awaken the power of the voice to help us connect with the elements, the forces of nature, and the truth within our bodies. Sharing the medicine of voice, vibration, resonance and intention, we often come together on the full moon or new moon. Sign up to our mailing list to

Collaborations: Let the power of song bring you to the next level.

A facilitated singing circle or sound ceremony can be a perfect way to mark a personal threshold, such as a blessingway, birthday, or other rite of passage. To inquire about bringing song to an existing event, fill out a contact form and we will be in touch with you about collaborating!

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Photo on this page by: Samuel Austin